I AM HERE: Voices in Our Community

Submit your project now!

It Grows Wild is now accepting project submissions for our series "I AM HERE: Voices in Our Community."

The project goal is to bring awareness and a voice to issues and community members who do not have a safe platform to discuss certain topics or share their experiences. We are looking for politically and socially relevant topics from new works and/or published works.

Projects will be showcased in non-traditional performance spaces – to be coordinated by Wild.

Each project will partner with a community group/organization related to the topic. Proceeds will be shared by Wild, the venue, and the group/organization as negotiated.

Project Provisos:
- Each project will be granted a budget of $200
- Minimal production elements
- All collaborators are volunteers
- Casting will be determined by open call

Do you have an idea, concept or a fully formed project/piece that you’d like to have produced? Submit some initial project details and a member of Wild will connect with you soon. 


Submit your project idea now!



We want to hear from our community about what projects we should pursue! What timely topics could use the invigoration and interpretation of the stage? Do you have a great original script you'd love to see brought to life? Know performing artists or directors who need help activating their vision? Send us your ideas by emailing

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